Medical qi gong

The , notion of Chinese and Japanese cultures, designates a fundamental principle forming and animating the universe and life.The is at the origin of the universe and connects beings and things to each other.

We have there a quantum principle in which human being is and possess . We are the . It circulates inside the body by meridians It is present in all manifestations of nature.

The notion of corresponds to the Greek notion of πνεῦμα / pneûma (“breath”), and in the same context with the notion of spirit (in Latin “spiritus”, breath of life). It also corresponds to Indian concepts of prana (प्राण / prāṇa). With new technologies, many identify it with universal plasma or universal consciousness.

gives to the universe and to the beings their form, while transforming them constantly. It circulates indifferently in things and beings, linking them permanently. In the Chinese cosmogony, qi pre-exists at the emergence of yin and yang, two aspects of this breath which, by combining with each other, will allow the formation of the “ten thousand beings”, c that is, beings and objects of the universe.

This principle, never thought of as a deity, inscribes the human being in the same natural laws as those which govern the universe. In this spirit, the influence of qi organizes the veins of the human body as it organizes the veins of the jade. The human being is thus thought of as a cosmos in miniature.
Where there is life, there is . When disappears from the body in the last breath, it is death. The quality of health depends on the quantity and quality of in the body and its fluid circulation in the body.