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Impact of emotions

Emotions have an impact on our health. Here are some solutions to learn to live better with them.

The kidneys, the root of life

Les reins jouent un rôke primordial dans la santé et la longévité.. Une faiblesse des reins peut générer différentes pathologies.

Kindness is good for the health

Goodness in human beings is an inherent instinct. Its function is to ensure survival.

The 7 keys to healing

Regaining your health in the event of a serious or chronic illness requires making changes in your life.

Goal: health!

tools to cultivate it

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a holistic approach since it considers the three dimensions of the human being: physical, psychic and spiritual.

As a medicine in its own right, it treats all types of pathologies, including some that allopathic medicine is unable to treat.

But its great strength is that it favors the preservation of health and therefore longevity. This medicine encourages not to get sick!

It therefore invites everyone to cultivate their own health. You will find in our articles tools and knowledge to guide you on this path to full health.

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