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A path to healing

Brigitte Prud’hon was born in France in 1962. She started her professional life in office jobs, mainly as an executive assistant. She then worked as an editorial secretary in the print media after retraining.

At the age of 40, her life took a new turn. This is when she met Dominique. Together, they began an in-depth research on the human being in all its dimensions. Together they made the pilgrimage to Compostela, a magnificent experience that would leave an unforgettable mark on her life.

They then left the sedentary life to live and travel in a camper. It is on this way that in 2004 they discover their master Henli Röder. They decided to study Chinese medicine, martial arts and Qi Gong with him.

Brigitte has always been curious about the human being. She was very interested in psychology to better understand the human psyche, and above all to learn more about herself. Suffering from depression and a deep malaise for years, she has undergone numerous therapies and taken many chemical drugs, without real success.

It is along this journey, started with Dominique on Compostela, and continued with her master in Holland, that she will finally find healing.

Brigitte has always been passionate about cooking, plants and nature. She is also interested in Feng Shui, as a valuable complement to Chinese medicine. She also plays classical guitar.

With a caring and sensitive nature, she loves more than anything to help people be healthier, and to discover their path to happiness and true freedom.

Memories of internship in Ha Noi




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