Traditional Chinese Medicine – TCM – is based on respect for nature and its cycles. Balance is the condition of health.

It is an ancient medicine rooted in Taoist philosophy. According to this tradition, the human being is part of Nature and obeys his cycles like all beings and phenomena. Therefore, to be in good health, Man must live in harmony with Nature and respect its laws. It is natural for human beings living in harmony with the universal laws to take care of their health.

7 pillars to maintain health

Maintaining health and longevity have been for millennia the search for ancient Taoist wise men who advise:

  • How to eat
  • How to move
  • How to breathe
  • How to rest
  • How to make Love
  • How to manage emotions
  • How to respect the laws of Nature

It is also a medicine in its own right able to cure any type of pathology known to alopathic medicine and even some that alopathic medicine does not know how to cure or sometimes even diagnose.